Art Glass Fountains

Water, glass, & lighting can all create things of beauty on their own but the right combination of the three of them can be simply amazing.  We have worked with some very talented art glass professionals to create some increadible, one of a kind fountains.  Look through some of the work we've done below and let us know if we can create something truely unique and special for you.

Glass Flowers & Jumping Water

Description: This small pond feature combines 3 hand made glass bowls with stainless steel stems together with special color changing nozzles that jump into the bowls.  The effect of the colors in the water and on the glass is amazing.


Glass Vase Fountain

Hand made art glass vase.  Click on the above image to see pictures & video.

Purple Teardrop

Hand made art glass teardrop.  Click on the above image to see more pictures.