Rental Fountains

Every special event deserves something unique and memorable to set it apart.  We have created a group of exciting water features that you can have at your special gathering that will create a magic and excitement like nothing else.  Whether it is a wedding, coorporate event, or a family party, you'll love the atmosphere these fountains create. Look through our unique selection of features and let us know if we can help make your event extra special.

Jumping Laminar Fountain

Beautiful & calming.  Exciting & engaging.  The jumping laminar fountain is an amazing combination of artistry and physics.  It's rare for people to see these kinds of displays in person and even more rare to be able to have one at your own event.  This color changing, jumping fountain is sure to be the life of any gathering.  For a detailed information sheet click here or click on the above image to see pictures & video.

Fountain Pillars

Colorful, portable, bubbling fountain pillars for events and weddings.  Color changing lighting can be set to meet the look of the event.  Designed to work as a group of six or as individual pieces.  For an information sheet, click here or click on the above image to see pictures & video.

Art Glass Vase

Art Glass Vase fountain lit by blue and white LED lighting.

Dancing Pond

Set of 6 jumping water jets that can be set up in a pond or swimming pool.  Click on the above image to see pictures & video.